Architectural Studies in Europe
Off-Campus Studies Program, Carleton College
Assistant Director and Architectural History Instructor

Winter 2018

Along with two Carleton faculty members (Baird Jarman and Eleanor Jensen) I co-led a term-long Off-Campus Studies trip to England, France, Spain, and Italy. Twenty-four students followed a curriculum combining architectural history, historic preservation and heritage management, and architectural drawing. I lectured on medieval architecture, led groups through Roman ruins, and led discussions on architecture from Vitrivius to Viollet-le-Duc to Le Corbusier.

Winter 2020

I taught an architectural history curriculum specific to Italy - Rome, Florence, Siena, and Ravenna - for 20 Carleton students. I delivered lectures on Early Christian Architecture, Romanesque and Gothic Italy, the Renaissance in Rome, and the Baroque over three and a half weeks in residence in Rome and Florence.

At the Sam Wanamaker Playhouse, London